Sunday, June 3, 2012

Short jaunts around the house

The good thing about a new place is there's plenty to do just around the house. All are new, different and interesting. I've always been a sucker for such things : recalled the days of one new book a week from Amazon and one new lens practically everymonth when it was particularly boring in Miri. Then thankfully with MNS, we have activities every week, one thing or another almost every weekend.

Now in Norway, we are slowly settling in our tiny new home north of the city, we are starting to discover our neighbourhood without yet much commitment from other things. With the children off school until the start of new term in August and my currently unemployed status, there's quite a bit of time to fill.

Kids are slowly readjusting to the grind : breakfast, online schooling, lunch, and a choice trips to the supermarts, walks in the countryside, feeding ducks at the neighbourhood lakes or exploring the rocky shores. So far they are pretty chuffed about their new environment despite the cool summer weather.

Aisya excited about meeting new feathered friends at Mosvannet. Both kids can now tell the difference between Mallard, Tufted Duck and Coot.

The eager sister and reluctant brother on a walking jaunt to Sandneset near our house.

Aisya photo taken by Ali. Both of the kids have their own cams to record their days' activities but most of the time the cameras are either left on the sofa at home, in the car or are out of battery.

Bucolic view by the rocky shores, can't wait for winter to drag out the black and white films and obsolete cameras.

A rest every fifteen minutes, the reluctant walker and his sister.

I''m visualizing this in black and white in the midst of winter ... barren and cold. with a lone figure walking on the water's edge.

Sunny but cold and very windy.

Rocky shores with seagulls riding the strong cold wind.

On the rocks 8pm.

I've also bought a 471 page of "A Birdwather's Guide to Norway - Where, When and How to find the Birds or Norway including Svalbard" for use the next few years. It turned out that 86 pages concentrated on places around our new home complete with maps, directions and birds to be discovered.

Work and inclement weather will sure start impinging into the freedom to execute all the above seemingly mundane family activities soon enough, as the days pass it becomes more and more frantic to get most things done as soon as possible while we are still free to do so.

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