Monday, June 25, 2012

Highland Sampler to Sirdal

We joined two families to Sirdal to get a sampling of highland vistas and the Norwegian holiday cabin life.

"The Norwegian people are living today the good life, with a nice house, good jobs, cars, boats, cabin by the lake, cabin in the mountains and money in abundance ...."

We were chuffed to be able to taste a couple of nights at the cabin in the mountains though our dosh in the bank isn't anywhere near as abundant as some of the well heeled natives; our landlord made NOK 6million last year as a humble farmer. 

We drove through some very nice sceneries, some of which fit perfectly with the images you've seen yourselves on posters of Norway and much of Scandinavia. Sheer cliffs, very narrow lakeside roads (very good roads if I may add), cute sheep in the fields and one or two Norwegian in knapsack and waterproof clothing walking the countryside. And there were farmlands and just bare rock in some places. All over the journey we saw cabins dotting almost the entire hillside once you reach the higher altitudes.

In Holland, you'd likely see throngs of cyclists and walkers, such places being beautiful but flat. Here in Sirdal, it's obviously ski country as far as I can tell.

The vista at Brokke, the view from the top of that rock must be awesome.

Norwegians enjoy the "cradle to grave" social benefits, these are the few fortunate souls at their final resting place at Vale. Judging from the view, they are not worst off even in the afterlife.

Ice melts formed lakes and rivers which are well stocked with trout, fishing is another popular attraction in the highlands.

Homes and cabins dotted around Fidjeland not far from our cabin on the opposite side of the hill.

View from our cabin once the sun decided to pop out for a few seconds.
Inside the cabin, it was a wet and cold weekend, so we lazed about in the morning.

The space isn't large but cozy enough for a party of six complete with a sitting room, dining table, electric cooker, fridge and all modern kitchen appliances, heated bathroom and beds for eight adults.

The view from what was a melted glacier, huge rocks piled up along it's path after the melt.

Tiny waterfalls crept downhill from melting ice and copious amount of rain.

Sheer cliffs showing evidence of glacial scrape being engulfed by mist after the rain.

Malaysians in waterproofed gear for mountain walkabout.

One fella found his long-lost great great great grandmother from his father's side (obviously) at Hovden.

The drive to the cabins was most enjoyable with many beautiful stops to be savored : mountains, gurgling streams and huge rock all over the place. With only 2-3 hours away from Stavanger (in off-peak season) we could be spending more time in the hills.

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