Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rediscovering Sand

Off we went to Klepp again for the second time in a week. The first time we went looking for Revtangen, a little beach full of rocks and a bit of sand. Then the weather was very cloudy and the temperature was slightly chilly. By the afternoon after our pack lunch we explored further down the road and ended up at Orre Strand.

The beach was lined with sand dunes and grassy knolls. The kids had a blast rumbling down 10 footer dunes into the soft dry sand below. The temperature wa still quite chilly but in their rambunctious play, they seemed to forget all about it. We promised to come back amidst mild protests.

The boulders near Revtangen, there's supposed to be a brid ringing station here under the purview of Stavanger Museum.

The understandably deserted Orre Strand on our first visit, chilly howling winds, the kids don't seem to mind it at all.

The vast sands at Orre Strand.
The sand dunes is approximate 15-20 feet all around.
Ripples in the sand below generated by the day's strong winds.

Running in the sun this time on Borre Strand 10 minutes north of Orren Strand.

By the time we arrived at about 10:30am the beach was already packed with schoolchildren and people from a nearby trailer park.

It may be only sand to you and I, but an endless playground for these two kids, chasing each other up and down the dunes.

Back on Orre Strand on the same day but later in the afternoon just after lunch at Revtangen.

While the children had their un supervised play (perhaps rolling down 20 foot dunes), I was relaxing the fields nearby listening to gulls, Meadow Pipit and Northern Wheater and admiring little blooms here and theres.

By 1530hrs it was time for us to pack up and head home again. No amount of unsupervised play is sufficient for any child, but you have to call it a day some time.

We went back to the area on Thursday and stopped by Borre Strand. A nice long stretch of sands near a trailer park. The kids had their run around in slightly warmer weather before heading south to Orre Strand again.

After an hour frolicking in the sand, we explored further south to of Orrevatnet, Egravatnet and Horpestadvatnet hoping to find a good spot to spy on the birds; a very bucolic setting. Unfortunately there weren't many suitable parking spots. All we had was a quick glances of all the documented sweet spots, perhaps another visit is called for later in the autumn during the fall migration season.

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