Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring season openers

Spring is finally here ... temperatures are up in the mid teens, low to moderate winds, fabulous clouds and occasional blue skies. It's flying time ...

These are my 5 season openers this April:






These are the five that followed the path of two pre-season openers that met with early show-stoppers.

The Puda240 was abruptly introduced to a hard gneiss lining the shores of Gandalfjord and  kelp last Sunday. It broke a prop, a motor, a camera (x361) and a complete dip in the fjord. No damage to the frame itself but a slightly bruised pride. It has been completely rinsed in warm water, dried and awaiting re-assembly. Hopefully the Betaflight F3 and Furibee_32 30amps Escs that be successfully revived in time.

The Racer275 completed a successful flight on Monday but was marred by the Airmode upon landing. It flipped twice, ate dirt, grass and irrecoverably burnt two Sprot 2300KV motors. It was sent to the bench and DYS Samguk Wei 2600kv took up the new job by Thursday evening, Racer275 flies with new vigor however hasnt been fully airborne as a racer should.

Flights by these season pioneers will be uploaded in due course. Let the flying begin.

Latest videos ... watch this space, more videos as summer progresses. The objective this summer is to get ACRO LOS flying to a tack!:

BIGBOY2 with GITF1  Gitup F1  1440p60

XR8 with GPS4  Gopro Session4  1080p60

GTR7-300 with FFQ6  Firefly Q6 1080p60

THINSLY260 with RC2  Runcam2  1080p60

EX220 with FFMIC1  Firefly Micro  720p30

EX220 with FFFMIC1 Firefly Micro 1080p30

Monday, March 26, 2018

Kwads Mar 2018


Progress with flying for videos.

1st Phase: 

Gettting to know flight
Acquiring those flythings
Gaining confidence and learning the limits
Losing those flythings

2nd Phase:

Getting into the flythings acquiring components
Building those flythings,
Practice flying those flythings Acro and LOS

3rd Phase:

Fly those flythings and record

4th Phase:

Build GPS flythings

Monday, March 19, 2018

Completed Diatone GTM7-300

Completed Diatone GTM7-300, hopefully the last for this season.

GTM7-300 : Betaflight F3 BFF3.3, Emax RS2205 2300kv motors, Hglrc 28Amp  Escs, Flysky X6B, Firefly Micro

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dragon HX5 220 completed

Completed the 5in size Dragon HX5 220 with Furibee BLHeli_32 30amps esc, DYS Samguk Shu  2306 2500kv motors, Betaflight F3 with BFF3.2.4, Azure 5in props, Flysky X6B receiver. It looks tiny ...

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Space FPV Galaxy-1 with 8in arms

Galaxy-1 flies and joins the big boys 360+ size rig hauling Runcam 2.

Galaxy-1 : Omnibus F4 3.2.0 with BFF3.2.4 fc, Emax BLHeli32 45amp Esc, Emax MT2208 II 2000kv motors, Geprc LCSF pdb, Flysky Ia6b receiver.


Friday, March 2, 2018

Diatone GTR-7 300MM aka GTR7-300 completed

Completed GTR7-300 by Diatone, it'll be carrying a Runcam 2 and flying with 6in triprops.

GTR7-300: Betaflight F3 with BF3.2.4, Hakrc BLHeli_32 30amp esc, DYS Samguk Wu 2206 2400kv motors, Flysky X6b receiver