Saturday, August 13, 2011

Strolling with my girl

I took time off work yesterday to ferry the kids about for their piano tests; Grade 2 for Ali, Grade 1 for Aisya. Though both kids are not that fond of piano as much as they used to when they were younger, I believed they should have a regular activity to revolve around other than school, tuition and Mandarin. They've stuck with music this far, not sure whether they'd be willing to go further after the test .

With approximately an hour to spare before picking up Ali for his session after sending him to school, Aisya and I went to Kuala Baram for a short stroll. I've been there many times over the years. In the early days after relocating to Miri to take pictures of the changing coastal landscape, later counting migrating waders during migrating season and Asian Waterbirds Census in January.

I have not been there with Aisya, one on one. Initially skeptical as to why we were there at first she slowly warmed up to the place. Most times we are at the beach, it was to run around and splash about. Today, we were just sitting on the rocks watching the clouds go by, peeked at the mudskippers and enjoy the cool morning breeze.

"Papa, I think I like this place! I like the rocks, I like the sounds of the birds, I love the mudskippers ... can we stay here longer!"

Ever since we were back in Miri, when they were still young little tykes, I've taken them to the beach around our home. They've always love it: the running around in the water, splashing each other. Today this is the first time I've heard Aisya profess her fondness for a place such as this. It's wet, it's muddy, crawling with strange creatures ... the fact she likes the place as it is warms up my heart.

This spot can be her special spot too.

Kpg folk crossing the shallow lagoon after an early session of beach-combing, one of my favorite past time.

Nature taking over barren rocks.

Aisya maneuvering her tiny self on the big boulders forming the erosion control barrier.

Sulky fella on a rock.

Big papa mudskipper having a splashing good time in a brackish pond nearby.

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