Sunday, August 21, 2011

Moon 21st August with Jupiter

Indigo Moon (post-processed).

Two images of the Moon with different exposure (one correct exposure for the moon, the other correct exposure for the sky ie. over exposed moon) stacked together giving the Moon a luminous glow.

The Moon's almost half moon this day 21st August. It's also a day when Jupiter was closest to the moon.

With space objects ad-infinitum circling around the universe since the beginning of time, surely none of them can go off to have a jolly trip out of orbit for the sake of a nutter-blogger bent on making believers of the gullibles amongst us. Even if the nutter has to cowardly attribute the disclosure to the country's top astrophysicist who happens to be the UN Earth's Official Alien Responder ... he's still a nutter, go find something more productive to do.

Starchart 0500-0600hrs 21st Aug 2011 (Sky n Telescope).

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