Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nightly Escapades

Weekends activities after dark ...

In the early morning hours (circa 2 or 3 am) of 13th Aug 2011, peering into heavens with the naked eye. That night was supposedly to coincide with the peak Perseid meteor shower in the Northern skies. We sat, waited, enjoyed the sometimes cool breeze from the ocean before us and battled with angry and relentless swamp mozzies which perhaps have never had sweet blood at this time of night before for a long while.

Side street astronomy with the eager youngsters of Kpg Masjid, Kuala Baram the same morning about 3 am. More photos at this link on Facebook. We were joined by young folks from a village nearby who were eager to count meteors. They waited with us, battling the same mozzies and with more that enough energy to last until morning time. Thankfully all managed to observe a few meteors streaked through the early morning skies, the children were ecstatic. It was tough peeling them off the roadside for the minder to take them home for sahur.

Figuring our Orion this morning 14th August 2011 at home, just after sahur about 515am. With the aid of Android phone apps, perusing through the nite's star map has never been any easier. Run the program and point to the skies ... now lets see if there's already an app or two to run viewers through a narrated tour of the heavens. "To the right of Bellatrix, approximately ...".

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