Saturday, August 20, 2011

Somewhere near Lambir

We left the house at 2130 hrs ... hunted for a dark spot. Bukit Song looked perfect but felts kinda spooky, so we drove on down the hill towards Lambir Hills NP and settled at a spot after the longhouses about 800m from the park. It was dark but up in the clouds you can still see reflected luminosity from Miri.

The skies on the side of Lambir Hills was clear, we peaked at how brilliant the skies were as we drove along. The clouds were drifting in slowly. The skies across the road at our chosen spot looked even better ... only the pylons were criss-crossed the horizon, killing all hope of a good starry nite image . We waited for a lull in traffic and shot a few frames from where we parked.

On the way home approximate 2250 hrs we noticed a bloodshot moon slowly rising. It was huge and red, it would've a great pic with the 400mm. We finally reached an ideal spot, the moon over yonder just above the horizon, still red. We maneuvered the car in place, the dear Moon went and hid herself under some dark clouds.

It never came out.

We thought the tag "Moonhunter" was kinda moronic since there's published charts of the moon's path for everyday of the year. Pick a day ... any day, you'd know where dear Moon would be.

We drove back home almost 2330hrs and fell straight into bed.

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