Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Thinsly Twins

The Thinsly twins are 260mm size kwads with a light aluminium shell, 4mm carbon arms with bottom loading battery bay. Both equipped with Foxeer F303 flight controller and Geprc PDB running Cleanflight.

Thinly Gold runs on Hobbywing 2205 1800KV motors with DYS DS30Amp BLHeli_S ESCs. It flies  very quietly and stable.

The Thinly Blue runs on Emax 2205 2300KV motors with Little Bee 40Amp BLHeli_S. It's also a stable flyer with a slightly higher noise than its twin brother.

Both craft uses Idealfly 5in triprops and Flysky IA6B receiver.

Thinsly Gold 260.

Thinsly Blue 260mm.

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