Sunday, May 6, 2018

Terrible news : 1st total lost for the season

Our first total casualty this season. And Motland has taken a second drone. 

The first casualty here was the Hubsan H109s together with the Gitup Git2. This time an inadvertent half flip landed  the EX220 straight into the fast flowing snowmelt with a rocky bottom. 

The water level was high and the stream was flowing really strong on account of voluminous water from the snowmelt. It is a total loss since a rescue is out of the question as the situation stands now.

Parts loss tally:
EX220 Frame Nok250
Furibee MN2205 2300KV motors Nok240
Furibee BLHeli_32 30Amp ESC Nok280
Betaflight F3 Flight controller Nok 340
Hawkeye Firefly Micro camera  Nok220
Azure 5in two bladed props Negligible
Flysky X6B receiver Nok75
Total loss = Nok 1405

So long EX220, may you RIP in your last resting space. who knows if the water level goes down the next month or so, we'll see you again.

EX220 last pose.

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