Thursday, May 24, 2012

Birds around the house today

Woke up late this morning after having to deal with the time difference, by the time I walked out the front door it was already very bright. The chirping of local birds started much earlier.

There were a lot to be heard. There were patches of woods near the new house, this seemed the origin of all the rustling and chirping this morning.

First up was the Great Tit, first saw them in Rolde, Netherlands. Then saw it again at Kuala Selangor. It's nice to them here again, it seemed larger somehow. By the time I ran back into the house to pick up the 400mm, it was gone.

Got lucky with a Wood Pigeon which flew onto a branch nearby. Also got lucky with the House Sparrow as a pair came around foraging at the edge of the garden. A Black-bird perched nearby and then followed by a Magpie.

This morning's birds were not necessarily rare, they are common as dirt here but it's omehow nice to get to know the more common locals too. I think there's no point traipsing half-way across the continent for rarities if you haven't got properly acquainted to your local backyard birds.

A Wood Pigeon came resting on a branch, then a pair of House Sparrow stopped by in the yard for a quick forage.

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