Saturday, October 29, 2011

Short jaunt into Latak Waterfalls, Lambir

Two brats cooling off at Latak Waterfall.

Honey. I'm home.


The fairy garden.

The Selunsor.

Nobody wanted to go anywhere this morning, it took a whole lot of cajolling and pouting to finally get the kids into their walking shoes. Additional junk food from the gas station and a bottle each of fizzy drink finally sealed the deal. Even then the agreed concessions were : there would be no heavy trekking, there would be no prolonged photography session of any sort along the trails and the trip would only involved a short jaunt to Latak Waterfall and back.

They warmed up a bit after the usual crack-ups at "Pelir Kambing" point, the tarantula was deep inside it's lair, the entrance squeaky clean ... so the kambing won hands down with all around positive approval rating on the way in. "Bird-poop" spider hasn't been around for a while, refreshing that both kids remembered the location, and spent all of 2 seconds looking for the tiny predator.

The walk over to Latak was brisk passing the Walking Palm which hasn't made much progress all these 15 years, it's still in the same spot. Maybe it liked it's present spot so much, it's not bothered with walking anymore ... a contented palm. The Selunsor is as resplendant as it had been when I first laid eyes on it back in 1991 if not more. It's girth has increased a wee bit after almost twenty years, the change is much less than mine comparatively in as many years, and it's got height on it's side.

We got to Latak Waterfall on a typical quiet Saturday morning, other than a few completely soaked female teachers (fully attired, head to toe) who arrived much earlier for a unhindered jungle swim, we were practically the only ones there. Latak has always been a popular convenient picnic spot for visitors to Lambir Hills, plenty of shade, more than enough shelters and always the cool inviting waters of the falls.

After a frolicking good time with the resient little shrimps inhabiting Sg Latak and a spot of sunshine, we took off about lunchtime just as more late risers were making their way to Latak.

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