Friday, June 12, 2009

Landmarks in Mukah

Mukah has one simple single overlying theme as far as the design of it's new township is concerned : the Melanau traditional terendak (ie. headcover made of rumbia and other traditional materials). The motif is consciously repeated all over the place. You'll leave town and will think "terendak" for many weeks to come.

There's not much left of the old town. Only a single row of the old wooden shophouses are left standing near the fish market, and yes Kedai Kopi Suap is also the last remaining vestiges of old Mukah. The rest is brand spanking new with a terendak on top.

Mukah new city center at nite.

The clock tower awaiting to be bathe the golden wash of color from the day's sunset.

Spot the terendak.

It's either an administrative building or a mosque. My bet is on the mosque ... unique in design without any trace of Moorish influence.

Two lions guarding the oldest Chinese temple in the area, situated right on the banks of Batang Mukah. The temple is about the only place where one would not find the terendak.

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