Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A walk in the park Rogaland Arboretum

The thing with us is we are early risers. Even on a day that we sleep late, we'll rise early. This becomes even more enforced when there's a trip the next day. Like this weekend, the kids went to bed by 2100hrs, they are up by 0530hrs. Both parents were already up and about by 0400hrs.

It's not a big trip; a half an hour's drive on the E39 to Rogaland Arboretum ... a forestry park with 1400 species of plants and 100+ species of birds. It seemed like a perfect setting for a family outing on a cold minus 1 degree morning to enjoy autumn colors in the northern lands.

Being early has it's advantages especially for photography ie. the good lite, spotting birds and wildlife. On top of that you don't have to bother with parking space, crowds on the path and odd people in your pictures! On a minus 1 degree morning, the prospect of seeing anyone else this early is very remote, but you have to put up with the cold!

 Warm autumn colors on a cold autumn morning.
Sunlight through the pines.

A small hill over the horizon from 230m, mountains in the background.

Even wildlife wakes up late on a cold day like this.

Revellers enjoying the day as the morning gets warmer as the sun rises slightly higher.

That little hill above from the ground.

Skipping down Skogaberget (230m) along a dirt road, a well spent morning breathing fresh air.

We roamed about the park for a whole hour checking out the nook and crannies of the arboretum, traversing streams and jumping puddles and reflecting at the few little lakes in the park. There were plenty of birds and plants to gawk at. This place would be a wonderful place to spend a winter's morning too by the looks of it.

By 1000am we were up Skogaberget which is one of the peak in the area at 230m. It was a short and much less arduous climb compared to the other peaks surrounding the area. 

By the time we left the park, more people were meandering about with children and grandparents also enjoying autumn colors but at a few notches higher temperature. The many pathways are ideal for this sort of short slow walk for families in the weekend, the very young and old alike.

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