Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birdwatching out West

I took a few days off work for a long weekend break to go visit out West last week, to explore some birdwatching potential amongst others and for a general look and see. The bags were packed : laptop, camera and one lens, wide because it's smaller and lighter; and several changes of clothing. The biggest mistake ever had to be the decision not to lug along the 400mm.

Since there's a few sunny days still left over the summer ... there were still some birds around! The residents were aplenty, and I whacked myself bigtime for not bringing the long lens along for the ride. The 11-16mm wide lens was proven a good lens for birding dead birds at best, lousy for birds in flights or even a bit ways away. Even at 3 feet away, on file the House Sparrow came out only the size a large tick. And there were many birds that last few days of summer! Many!

I ticked several Common Coot, Tufted Duck, Grebes (not sure which since I didn't even pack a bino), Eider and more seagulls one can whack a stick at. Did I say Eider already?

The little lake facing my hotel room : Grebe, Tufted Duck, Common Coot, Mallard, Gulls.

The graceful swans which are part of the decor along the harbour; not pictured are more Gulls and three Eider.

The frenzy flight of seagulls towards the end of the day.

The few images more suited to the wide angle lens taken around the harbour during the last few hours of sunny Sunday.

Wooden white painted houses by the harbour.

Soaking in the sun at the waterfront watching the locals pass by with the not so good for birding wide-angle lens.

Note to self :
Make sure to pack at least a 400mm and a bino no matter where you go, leave the extra shirts behind. I've gone soft this past year or so ... the old me would've picked up a 150-500mm at KLIA upon departure if not at Amsterdam Duty Free for use during the few days lay-over. Extra shirts are for sissies ... or an older guy like yours truly.

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