Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Xing Sg Haik

Still at it after this while ... we lost our network coverage from Middle Camp1 until Kuala Nyalau. Batteries for the Sony Ericcson also went dead after Middle Suai Camp1, no updates possible since then. Several more deep rivers after, an additional campsite, a boatride to Suai Bridge, several crocodiles , a taxi and 4WD ride later we were dumped at Kuala Nyalau Resort ... full of blisters, burnt, tired out, hungry but still determined to walk.

Kuala Nyalau Resorts provided the needed respite ... buffet lunch, dinner and breakfast. And fresh clothes. Warm beds, proper freshwater shower did a good job at lifting our spirits.

Though we were still slightly dampened by our inability to complete the planned Kuala Suai-Tg Payung-Kuala Nyalau leg, we were determined to tackle Nyalau onwards the next day. Then the storm came early at sunrise if you could ever call it that since no sun was visible, courtesy of Tg Payung spirits ready to derail our journey onwards. We slogged on in the rain towards Sg Haik, ready to turn back if the weather continue to fail us.

Fortune be with us, the weather turned for the better by the time we reached Sg Haik. Rewarded with great views of the rocky shores and the many little creatures amongst the rocks, we forged onwards.

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